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About Steven Paul Whitsitt

“I have a deep respect and abiding passion for the creative process. It doesn’t matter if my client is a small architectural firm or a Hollywood celebrity, I give the project my utmost best.”

Steven Paul Whitsitt is an internationally-known photographer and photojournalist, originally from Michigan, who began his career in Los Angeles and later moved to North Carolina where he chose a new path in the architecture and design sector.


Over the last eighteen years Steven has photographed thousands of high-end residential and commercial interiors for a national kitchen-and-bath-buying group. His clients say he involves the client in his shoots and the results speak for themselves: they are beautiful, magazine-worthy shots. His work pays respect to the talents of the designers and architects while shining in his own right.”


Steven is the co-author of six books including Arts and Crafts Houses, Lowcountry Plantations and Built with Stone: Eight Contemporary Artisans. His work has appeared in magazines and newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times, Dar Speigel, Rolling Stone, SPIN, and Signature Kitchens & Baths.


Steven’s motto is very simple: “To focus on the left and right sides of the brain to best interpret a client’s vision.” As a result of his passion and work ethic, Steven creates very clean and creative images that showcase details, light and color while valuing authenticity and precision. Currently, Steven is the Director of Photography for Baroque Fashion Media, where he helps up and coming artists in the fashion, music, and art fields, manage their brands and elevate their businesses.

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